Guest services with a Smile. Room assignment and check-in: on the spot.

Check-in Guests Efficiently

Manage multiple tasks from a single to streamline your check-in procedures.
  • Swift check-in process. Drag & drop facility.
  • User-configurable floor plan
  • Allotting room enriching occupancy levels
  • Allot rooms as per guest preferences
  • The smooth and instant booking process
  • Suitable for day use services for transit guest
  • Easily organize meal plans selected by guest
  • Upsurge guest relations with complimentary rooms
  • Easily update guest information like
  • Guest’s digital documents
  • Visa details for international guest
  • Registration cards & e signature
  • Selected meal plans

Mobile Check-in :

A paradigm shift from managing rooms to engaging with guests. Reception is an option too narrow when it comes to interaction with the modern-day guests spoilt for digital choice. And let’s be honest often reception is too formal and slow, not offering the experience your guests really look for Mobile check in on a tablet or a smartphone so that you are not tied to the reception desk. Simply meet guests as they arrive and check them  in on a comfy sofa, just like a home welcoming. multiple tasks from a single to streamline your check-in procedures.

Check Out Guests Efficiently

Seamlessly complete the guest stay, using our departure process to ensure the account is closed out correctly.
Including essential services such as
  • Time-based, as well as 24 hours, check out service
  • Ability to check out at 0 balance
  • Add late check out fee
  • Check-out point to add extra services to the bill
  • Auto alert housekeeping upon check-out
  • Swift check-out process

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