Covers a wide range of detailed reports, GuestPlus PMS offers deep insights into all aspects of hotel operations.

GuestPlus Covers a wide range of detailed reports & offers deep insights into all aspects of hotel operations.

To name a few GuestPlus PMS includes various reports for
  • Marketing and analysis
  • Bookings and reservations
  • Audit and void operations
  • Front office operations
  • Tax & Discount
  • Income, cash, and accounts
  • Departmental and managerial reports


Dedicated to the Managers and Hotel Owners, the managerial reports gives you a quick glance on the property’s current status along with detailed analysis about total income, income source expenses and more helping to analyze profiting sources of income along with insights to guest moment and guest behavior. Giving you a further edge on user and hotel guests you can get various detailed reports.

Major Reports

  • Room Revenue – Complete revenue from all room sold
  • Payments – All the payment accepted and executed by the hotel
  • Taxes – All the taxes collected, paid and due to the hotel
  • Extra Charges – Revenue from all the extra services to the guest
  • Rooms Statistics – Details about all room sold, rooms booked, current occupancy, room rate, etc
  • Occupancy – Analysis about current occupancy rate, expected bookings and more
  • ADR – To indicate the average realized room rent per day
  • RevPAR – To provide revenue earned per available room
  • Business Source Analysis – Details about all revenue sources
  • Audit & Void – Indicating details on the hotel’s current audits and void orders
  • Flash Report – At glance report on the hotel’s income and expenditure
  • Night Audit Report – Review of daily guest account transactions
  • Room owner detail – Bifurcated reports based on room owners and revenue
  • Arrival/Departure report – Glance view of all upcoming guest arrivals and departures
  • City Ledger Register – Particularities about associated corporate accounts

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